Turkey Launched Göktürk-1 into Space

Göktürk-1 Satellite, one of the significant projects for the future of Turkish Air Force, was launched from French Guiana at 13:51:44 UTC, on December 5.

The satellite which was conducted with the partnership of such Turkish firms as Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), Aselan, TÜBİTAK UEKAE, TR Technology and Roketsan. under the auspices of Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space (TAS-F) is a military project of Turkish Air Force. The satellite, with a mass of 1,070 kilograms without fuel, has a high-definition optical camera and is designed to circulate on an orbit synchronized with the sun.

The satellite is the second military vehicle being launched after GÖKTÜRK-2 in 2012 and will fulfill the Turkish Armed Forces’ need for intelligence providing high-definition satellite images for both civilian and military purposes and is expected to have a lifespan of seven years. Göktürk-1, along with Göktürk-2, with its maneuvering abilities and advanced ground system characteristics, will increase Turkey’s power in space.

The integration and environmental testing phase of the Göktürk-1 Satellite was conducted in Turkey’s first national Space Systems Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) Center. After its capabilities of in-orbit testing phase, it will be taken into inventory and will be commanded by TURAF Reconnaissance Satellite Command and Control Squadron.

February 26 2017
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