Issue 69 Interview
IAG Cooperating with Turkish Companies - Sourcing High-Tech Custom Designed Components for Their Vehicles

A comprehensive look at IAG - Defence Turkey Magazine Interview with Mr. Alper Alpay, General Manager of International Armored Group Turkey

Defence Turkey: Mr. Alper Alpay first of all thank you for agreeing to this interview. International Armored Group Turkey located in Bursa, was established in April 2014 and expanded its activities by opening its new facility in June of 2015. Could you please inform us about the products and capabilities of your new Turkish facility?
2015 has been a year of the biggest growth for all of IAG. In that year, IAG expanded its production in the UAE and Turkey by opening new larger facilities. IAG Turkey is still the youngest and fastest growing member of the IAG family. Only after 8 months of operations, IAG Turkey added its in-house laser cutting, CNC bending and CNC machining center. With its current size IAG Turkey’s production capacity is 30-vehicles/ month and with the new investments planned for 2016 this capacity will double.
In addition to the various concealed armored vehicles, IAG Turkey also produces the IAG Jaws and IAG Guardian Armored Personnel Carrier models.
Defence Turkey: What are your activities that have been performed over the years in Turkey and current programs & projects carried by IAG Turkey with the Turkish Government?
In 2015 alone, IAG Turkey manufactured and supplied around 250 armored vehicles to various branches of the Turkish government. We have also opened an after sales services, parts supply and maintenance company outside of the free zone to supply parts and services for our vehicles in use within Turkey, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Northern Iraq regions.
Defence Turkey: What is your approach to set up new partnerships with Turkish Defense Industry companies and SMEs? Do you have any activities in this respect?
Turkey is well-developed market for custom designed parts and components for the automotive industry. We are cooperating with Turkish companies to source high-tech custom designed components for our vehicles.
Defence Turkey: How do you assess IAG Turkey’s position for export? When you take into consideration the low costs, educated staff and high skilled labor, do you believe that IAG Turkey could become a new hub for the new markets in IAG’s Global strategy?
As a result of Turkey’s strategic location and ongoing unrest in the Middle East and North Africa regions, IAG Turkey has already become an important export hub. Since its foundation, IAG Turkey has already exported vehicles to 32 countries. IAG Turkey has also become an important hub for spare parts distribution for all IAG armored vehicles worldwide. Additionally, our skilled technicians are supplying quick and cost effective after sales services to IAG vehicles in service within Turkey, North Iraq, Eastern Europe and North Africa.
Defence Turkey: How do you assess the figures for 2015 for IAG Turkey in terms of sales, investment, export etc. ?
IAG Turkey sold over 350 vehicles in 2015. Around 20% of these cars were exported to 22 countries. 15% of the build vehicles were APC’s and the rest were civilian armored VIP or Cash in transit vehicles.
Defence Turkey: It is known that IAG has opened a new facility in UAE as well. Could you please enlighten us about the new facility?
That is correct. In November of 2015, IAG inaugurated its new 35,000 sq. m state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. The opening was attended by HH Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah. With this new facility IAG UAE’s production capacity reached up to 250 vehicles per month. This was phase 1 of our expansion plans in the UAE which will be followed by another expansion of additional 22.000 sq. starting in 2017.
Defence Turkey: Could you please tell us about your R&D activities for new platforms and new technologies?
IAG is one of the few armoring companies in the world which is continuously investing into R&D of new designs and new models. Currently we have 85 different armored vehicle models in our portfolio and we are constantly adding new models. I am not at the liberty to disclose too much information about our upcoming projects but I can say that we are working on some new platforms in our tactical vehicle range which will be revolutionary and unmatched by any existing product on the market. These projects are expected to be revealed by the end of 2016.
Defence Turkey: Finally would you like to add some information for our readers?
First of all I would like to thank you for this pleasant conversation and the opportunity to give you some insight about IAG Turkey. IAG’s mission is to provide ultimate protection to our customers and we will continue to develop custom made products meeting and exceeding our customer and market requirements.
February 26 2017
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